Documents required to apply for G Suite for Education in Nepal

We have explored many dimensions of deploying Google apps for Education and its benefits to the school, teacher and students to transform digitally. As we get numerous inquires everyday asking for how to apply and deploy G Apps for Education in their schools and colleges. In today\’s topic we would like to make it easy for you to apply for the G suite for Education.

As we know, Google Suite for Education is free for academic institutions like schools, colleges and universities, any school that is officially authorised to teach from Grade One to Higher Education are eligible to apply for Google Suite for Education.

What documents are required for application? Who can apply for G suite for education in Nepal?
Any schools (Government / non-government) both are eligible for registration.
The school must have the license to teach minimum Grade 10 to maximum degree level.

What is a education license?
License is an accreditation paper provided by the Central government, Ministry of Education of Nepal as a authorisation to operate the institution.

What other documents are required?
Schools need to prepare Government papers to be notarised or translated into English and attest by a senior Government office representative or licensed lawyer.

Apart from license, schools need to submit a company registration certificate notarised or translated into English and attested by a senior level Government Officer or higher.

What is the language to notarise?
All documents need to be translated into English and attested.

What are the other minimum requirement before we apply?

  • A school or college must have a fully functional website under the domain
  • A school or college websites must have their Principal\’s name and designation clearly shown.
  • A school or college must have license to run academic programs. Non- academic institutions or home schools do not qualify for free application.

For more details on documentation and qualification requirement for international schools, please refer this link.

Once you are ready with the documents mentioned above, we now begin the process of applying for a Google Suite for Education. There are two crucial steps before we apply.

Preparing your website hosting/server-

The only way Google can verify the genuinity of the application is by the online presence. Therefore every schools that are applying for a Google Suite for Education must have a fully functional website.

Make sure a website that has a domain. (eg Google does not allows  top-level domain name such as .edu, .com or .org

Secondly, keep  you website\’s cpanel (control panel) access handy, which we may require to verify the domain name and MX entries.

Once all the requirements are handy, now open your favourite web browser and goto

Complete the form as requested. Be genuine and provide correct information. Misinformation may lead to disqualification for the lifetime.

If you require a help to complete the form, you may follow this link for our next blog.

In case you are stuck or have confusion in documentation process please feel free to contact our Google Education experts or email us at

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