MarkSheet X | Results publishing app

We are providing a Mark-sheet solution that can be home brewed and can be controlled, designed according to your needs. We want to make sure that the mark sheet processing time is less so that educators can focus more on innovation. And moreover easily published and distributed. The process starts by recording scores from each tests, exams or activities and ready to distribute mark sheet without any hassle.

Each year academic institution spends a lot of time and resources preparing and printing marksheet. We understand, it takes lengthy procedures to iterate and reiterate the grading of each student and process the result to each parent, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

Hence, Digital & Beyond came up with Google Cloud based mark sheet publication app which will simplify and change the way we publish the results. It just takes 1-click to publish the results to the thousands of students in a school. Either you want to print, send by email or publish on the website, the choice is yours.

There are already 130+ schools across Nepal who have been benefited by our app. Marksheet X is priceless as compared to the ones you find in the market.

Some of the benefits of using Marksheet X are: –

  • Google Cloud based solution
  • Unlimited storage on Google Cloud
  • Backed by Google’s own scripting language
  • Tailored Artificial Intelligence for better classroom management
  • Easy to print, publish and distribute
  • Marksheet and result publication as separate solution.
  • 1-Click Google Classroom to Result publication solution
  • Track the progress and growth of students and teachers.
  • Academic performance analysis using Google’s AI/AL technology
  • Visualise using infographic and charts of academic activity from any location.