Strategy & Brand Consulting

A well known corporate image provides consumers with positive assurance of what they expect from the organisation. The customers are found reluctant in spending time for the options over the product of organisations which are well set with corporate image. The loyalty, benefits of high prices, quality employees, favourable environment for launching new products all may come as a major strategic advantage on the establishment of a strong corporate image.

It is a great challenge to set the proper corporate image in consumers’ minds. The role of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) seems promising that begins with the establishment of a clearly defined and desired corporate image.

Here we stand in partnering with an approach of IMC for our valued clients. We make it possible on the background of quality years of experience in designing corporate communication strategically driven towards company objectives. The execution is further carried, eyeing the significance of promotional tools, preferred media, timing, frequency and periodic evaluation of implemented strategic tools. Branding

Consumers are flooded with hundreds of advertisements daily. When consumers believe that many brands offer the same set of attributes, the resulting brand parity makes consumers move with specific promotional deals, price and availability. The net effect is that brand loyalty has experienced a strong decline. This decline in brand loyalty is partly due to the proliferation of product choices.

A particular brand is salient for consumers if they are aware of the brand. Developing a strong brand image begins with discovering why consumers buy a brand and why they re-buy the brand.

The secret to a long brand life is finding one unique selling point and sticking with it. Successful brands engage customers on a deep, emotional level. Building brand equity, however, goes beyond mere brand recognition. Brand equity prevents erosion of a product’s market share, even when there is proliferation of brands coupled with endless promotional manoeuvres by the competitors.

The heightened levels of customer loyalty are often associated with positive word of mouth endorsements of the company and its products. Hence, we believe brand equity is customer equity- the value of customer relationships that the brand creates.

Here, we are dedicated in branding practice of delivering value to the product in creating differentiation and the establishment of USP, adding value to the brand recognition.

Our promise lies in crafting branding equations artistically and scientifically in an approach of IMC.

Scope & Areas

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Brand Registration
  • Campaign Design & Execution
  • Advertisement (Message design/Concept for Television/Radio/AV Presentation)
  • Media Management (Scheduling/Releases/Press Conferences)
  • Event Management & Brand Activation