The process of applying Google Suite for Education

Once you are ready with all the documents handy with you, let us begin the process of registering Google Suite for Education for your institution.

Quick reminder for the documents that are required during the registration process:-

  • School/college license, notarised in English and attested.
  • Company Registrar certificate, notarised in English and attested.
  • Full list of documentation required are available here.
  1. Goto
  2. Complete the form with requested details and follow the next page.
  3. Fill your name and your valid email address for communication.
  4. In the last part of the form you will need to create an administrator account. Something like Please keep note of the username and password for the account.
  5. Congratulations, you just applied for Google suite for Education.
  6. Now, next step you will be prompted with a dashboard of the admin panel of your school. If you lose the track, you can always goto and use the username & password you have created in the above step.
  7. In that admin panel, you will see \”Manage admin panel\” or \”Finish Setup\” screen. Please press that tab and continue setting up your domain.
  8. Firstly, Google needs to verify your domain. So you must follow the instructions in your admin panel and at the same time open the website control panel admin to make few changes during the verification process.
  9. Please follow the instructions carefully and it might take a few hours to verify ownership of your domain with Google.
  10. In the second setup, you will be asked to change the MX in your server. Please follow the instructions and change the MX record eg. ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. This is required to ensure all the emails work properly.
  11. Now the setup is complete.
  12. You shall be given a maximum of fourteen days free Google Suite account after your registration. Please keep an eye on your school Gmail and your GMail provided during the registration process. As Google will send the next process in this email address.
  13. Once you receive email from Google to provide them with documentation, please compile all the required official documents in PDF format and reply to Google support email with the attachment. Remember, you cannot create a new email to reply to Google support. So you need to reply to the same thread of the email as sent from support.
  14. The whole process of receiving email from Google support and validating your Google suite for Education process might take up to three weeks.
  15. Once your application is approved and verified, you will receive a congratulations email from Google with instruction to start using Google Suite for Education.

However, there might be times where Google Education support team might ask for additional documentations for verification. Please be vigilant to your email during the application process.

If you get stuck in any points, please seek help from the professionals. Digital & Beyond has numerous experience applying and successfully deploying Google Suite for Education to many schools & colleges. If you seek any support regarding the same please reach us at

Once your application is successful, there are a number of other procedures to be followed for better transformation to the full phased accessibility of Google Suite for Education of your school. It\’s better to prepare your future classroom and utilise the full intensity of the tools & application within your school. Feel free to reach us for an appointment regarding the same.

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